DogHouse MultiSport Coaching

DogHouse MultiSport Training Center in Florida works with athletes of all levels! Are you brand new to cycling and apprehensive about riding on the road? Maybe you’re training for your first sprint triathlon or decided to race Ironman, or perhaps you are looking to set a new time trial PR or race in a crit? Contact us to find out we can make you a better cyclist and athlete!


Road Cycling Sessions: Geared towards new/beginner cyclists that are looking to build confidence in road cycling. During a 1-hour session, your coach will ride with you on the road and provide basic instructions on bike handling, gearing, being aware and staying safe on the road and group riding etiquette. Additional options include cornering drills and advanced strategies. Discounts will be given when purchasing multiple sessions. May be done as an individual or small group.

Swim Instruction: In order to feel more comfortable and smooth in the water, you need to learn to swim efficiently. Balance, length and rotation are key, but rather than swim countless laps on your own attempting to perfect your stroke, swim with a coach who can help you make the necessary improvements. During this 1-hour session, underwater video will be taken of you swimming, and your coach will review with you, pointing out any aspects of your stroke needing improvements. Discounts will be given when purchasing multiple sessions. Swim sessions can be private or semi-private.

Run Improvement Sessions: Running faster is not simply about running more. Work with a coach in a private or semi-private session to improve your gait and foot strike efficiency, reduce the risk of injury and get faster with speed work. Sessions may include bridge/hill repeats and other run drills.


One of the easiest ways to stay motivated and achieve your athletic goal is to hire a coach. A coach will design an effective training plan and hold you accountable for your workouts. Doghouse provides several coaching options to all levels of athletes, from beginner to elite. We are committed to developing customized training plans that are both challenging and doable and will ensure you achieve your athletic goals, while minimizing injury. Since our training plans are individualized, fees vary based on the athlete’s needs. If you are interested in coaching services, please call us at 561-245-5307 or email

All training plans include:

  • Minimum 3-month commitment
  • Periodized training plan with detailed daily workouts in Training Peaks
  • Weekly training sessions in our CompuTrainer Cycling Studio
  • Unlimited email and text/voice communication with coach
  • Race preparation and strategy

Additional Coaching Services and Performance Testing Available, including: VO2 max Testing, Resting Metabolic Rate Testing, Lactate Threshold Testing and Functional Threshold Power Testing.

Please contact our DogHouse staff for more information on these offerings.