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 Sunset from 500ft. Cool experience!  Florida boy tackling 3000ft of climbing in 20 miles at 9000ft elevation. The most fun mountain biking I've ever done.   Doghouse business meeting. Shit's getting serious   Always great to have a world record holder, and one of the most badass cyclists on the planet at Doghouse. She's super fun to hang out with too. Really bright future for this gal, can't wait, Amanda!
 Brighton! Cold but beautiful   The newest "Superbike", or "Beam bike" from Ceepo. This one is a bit more outside the box! Check out the front wheel fairing. Pretty wild   Sierra Nevada, I'm seeking sponsorship  #sierranevadapaleale #sierranevadabrewing  2 hour, loaded pack, midday power hike! Testing out the new gear. Everything was great! R2R training  #holyhotness #poweredbydoghouse #poweredbysierranevada #R2R
 How is Katie such a badass? She ran 3 miles to Doghouse, rode an hour of intervals, did 30 min of run drills, now running home #katieisabadass #doghouseracing #teamkatie #doghousecycling  9 year old Bennett was my client this morning. He did his first triathlon last year, and he loves training! We biked on El Rio trail, did some intervals, then did a short transition run. Followed that up with some drills and core work upstairs at Impact. He's looking forward to getting on a road bike soon   First of many hikes in Sedona. So far, we love it   My bike is sexy AF  Should I patent my shoe carrying design?? #trackwithclients
 Woop! Hector does Omnium interval workout twice back to back. And it's a tough one! We affectionately call it the "Double Dog Beat down"   New, sleeker stem upgrade makes Justin even more aero. Look out! #poweredbydoghouse #doghousecycling #areyouevenaerobro  Bye, Grand Canyon! See you in 20 years (Probably sooner ) #findrick #northrim #rim2rim  #fridaymotivation #yesthatsme #stfuadybotb #poweredbydoghouse