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Justin Gagnon – CompuTrainer Instructor

One of the first few events of the 2012 London Olympics was the Women’s 40k road race. Watching that, I thought, “Wow. Cycling looks like an awesome sport! I wanna get into that!” And as the days went by, I watched Michael Phelps’s dominance of the swimming events and Usain Bolt’s dramatic wins. I guess I missed the Triathlon… but, a week after closing ceremonies, I was lucky enough to put one, two, and three together to become inspired to start training for and competing in Triathlon (I guess it’s a good thing I wasn’t equally as moved by Gabby Douglas, otherwise I might be a gymnast right now…). After a year of independent training (i.e. pretending I knew what I was doing), some fluke wins, and some embarrassing losses, I was introduced to and started training with DogHouse MultiSport Training Center in July of 2013. Since then, I have only been excelling race after race in all three disciplines, setting a new PR for myself every time. On yer left!, ‘cause I ain’t stoppin’! Ding Ding!

  • 5/25/2014 Miamiman Speedway Edition ½ Iron Triathlon – 1st place Age Group 20-24
  • 4/19/2014 Egg Hunt Sprint Triathlon – 5th place Overall/1st place Age Group 20-24
  • 11/10/2013 Miamiman ½ Iron Triathlon (Miami Zoo) – 1st place Age Group 20-24
  • 4/6/2013 Child of the Sun Sprint Triathlon – 1st place Age Group 20-24

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